1. New York. The Plaza Hotel, 59th St at 5th Ave, 1907.

  2. New York. Luna Park, 1904.

  3. New York. Automobile exhibit in the ballroom of the Astor Hotel, 1914.

  4. New York. Native Americans of the Blackfeet tribe, atop the McAlpin Hotel, 1913.

  5. New York. Central Park, “The Start,” 1897.

  6. “‘The Pets’-on a western stock farm, Kansas,”1903.

  7. Number 2332-“Sew your own buttons, I’m going for a ride,” 1899.

  8.  PORNOGRAPHY, 1900, 1902. Lord, that’s racy.

  9. New York. Bicycle Tournament, Brooklyn U.S.A., 1896.

  10. New York. Governor William Sulzer came to office on January 1, 1913, elected by the Tammany Hall machine, and then thought he would fight corrupt political machines like Tammany Hall. This hurt their feelings, so they formed a committee to seek his impeachment om May. one of the the charges was the claim by a Philadelphia “model” that he reneged on a promise to marry her in 1903.   He was impeached October 17, but returned to Albany as a state assemblyman in 1914.

  11. New York. New York to Los Angeles and Return, May 11, 1920. 

    Sailor Tony Pizzo on a Coast to Coast bicycle run handcuffed to his machine. The Handcuffs were sealed by Mayor Hylan in New York April 24th and are not to be opened until his return to that city. Pizzo made the trip from California to New York in like manner in 1919.

  12. New York. Number 357- Bicycling, Central Park, N.Y., 1897.

  13. New York. SS Imperator of the Hamburg America Line, 1914.

    • On June 18, 1914, Harry and Beatrice Houdini sailed from Europe to New York aboard the S.S. Imperator of the Hamburg-America Line. On the 21st Houdini gave a performance that astounded fellow passenger Theodore Roosevelt. On the 22nd Houdini celebrated his longest running engagement the 20th anniversary of his marriage.
  14. New York. Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Houdini, SS Imperator of the Hamburg America Line, June, 1914.

  15. New York. Choosing motor fire engines, September 3, 1913.