New York. The Altar to Liberty, Madison Square Park, circa 1916.

New York. The 3rd Avenue El at 18th St, November 21, 1955.

New York. The Statue atop the New York Life Building, 346 Broadway, 1897. 

New York. The RMS Lusitania and  RMS Mauretania cross the atlantic in an astonishing 4 days, 1907.1908. 

Well, more like 4.5 days if you want to quibble, though the Mauritania did hold the Blue Ribband for nearly 20 years.

New York. Columbus Circle at night, 1913.

New York. Madison Square, looking north east, March 26, 1936. Photo by Berenice Abbott

New York. Making wagon Wheels, Siegal Cooper Company, 135 West 18th St, 1915.

New York. Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, circa 1900.

Ferris wheel at the Chicago World’s Fair. 1893.

Madison St. east from Fifth Ave., Chicago. 1900.

Madison Avenue & Brevoort Hotel, Chicago, Ill. C.1910.

View of Chicago from Majestic Bldg. C.1907.

New Jersey. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1905.

Chicago. Grant Park and Michigan Avenue, 1910

Chicago. The Largest Train Engine in the world, The Chicago and Alton Railroad, 1907.