Black hand extortionists arrested. 

Mediums channeling invisible spirits from Beyond. It doesn’t work unless you have a big curtain behind you. 1909.

In 1903 Louis Brennan patented a gyroscopically-balanced monorail system that he designed for military use; he successfully demonstrated the system on 10 November 1909, at GillinghamEngland, but fears that the gyroscopes might fail prevented adoption of the system for widespread use.

Count de Beaufort, with dog. C.1910. 

10 ton steam shovel, Stony Island, Michigan. C.1910.

Man operating water tricycle. C.1910.

Children’s court, judge, lawyers and one scared boy. 1902.

New York. J, Nussbickel and Son, Floral Designs,  56-58 East 181st St, the Bronx, circa 1920.

New York. The Rolling Stones visit our fair city, 337 W 56th St, 1915. 

New York. A Man’s Man, only goes for flappers who try to give them cancer, 42nd St between 7th and 8th Ave, June 1922.

New York. Looking past Grand Central Terminal, both east and west along 2nd St, circa 1880.

Assembly of the Carnegie Diplodocus replica at Musée d’histoire naturelle in Paris, France. The original is at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. Hence the name. 1908.

New York Sun Building. 170 Nassau Street. The New York Sun newspaper was at this location from circa 1868 until the building’s destruction in 1916. It was previously the headquarters of Tammany Hall.

Sigismind Frankashasy.

Yes, that’s his name.